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Denton's Taqueria La Sabrocita Beats Taco Lady In Fake Taco Battle

We have a conundrum on our hands. Denton's taco state has long been ruled by the incredible flavors of the Taco Lady (1101 E. McKinney St.). Actually, I think the full, legal name is Taco Lady Behind the Laundromat. Of course, this is no jab at our beloved taco eatery; they really are exceptional. But there's a little orange and yellow building on Dallas Drive right next to AutoZone that I am boldly declaring as Denton's best taco.

Tortilleria/Taqueria La Sabrocita has been in Denton as long as I've been in Denton. Which is the time equivalent of one bachelor's degree, half a master's degree and one gazillion beers, plus a lot more years, I'm sure. That's a long time. Especially long when it doesn't involve me snarfing down the kind of tacos I thought were only available at places like La Banqueta and Good 2 Go Taco.

Sabrocita is an odd building. The front door is in the back, the kitchen is in the front and there's a ramp involved. Spanish is helpful. If you really are that white, just grab a Mexican Coke from the cooler, point at what you want and hand over your debit card. Don't forget to smile and be nice, because you will be back and you don't want them to think you're some kind of gringo-hole.

Grab a seat in the itty-bitty dining room and wait patiently. In mere moments, here comes your food and palatable proof as to why Sabrocita is the better than Taco Lady: the tortillas. They are fresh, hot and made on site right there in front of your hungry face. In fact, everything they shove inside these magical tortillas is also made right there. They probably even grow the cilantro right there in the kitchen, but this is just speculation.

On my most recent trip, I squealed into the parking lot pretty early but they were out of al pastor. Damn. So I settled for the barbacoa and the chicken, neither of which disappointed. The barbacoa was juicy and still popping from the grill, the chicken bright orange and full of spicy goodness. You know that show on the Discovery Channel, Destroyed in Seconds? That happened. All for under five bucks and without any traffic. Perfect.