Alan Palomo Didn't Do Drugs, Started Neon Indian.

People still can't get enough of Neon Indian, the sun-drenched VEGA side-project that has still yet to make its live performance debut (that comes on Sunday, September 13, at the Monolith Festival in Morrison, Colorado), including the folks at Pitchfork, who not only approve of the band's early singles from its upcoming Psychic Chasms record, but also tried to get to the bottom of the project in an interview with Alan Palomo that was posted to the site on Friday afternoon.

Long-story short: Palomo was supposed to take acid with collaborator Alicia Scardetta, backed out of the plans, felt bad about doing so, and wrote the song "Should Have Taken Acid With You" as a sort of mea culpa. And the rest, as they say, is recent blog history--another thing Palomo gets into in the Q&A, go figure. 

Read the whole thing for Palomo's takes on his father's years as a Mexican pop icon, his brother's odd taste in Nintendo games and his own take on the recent emergence of that genre that we're still calling GorillaVsBearcore. It's pretty informative, far as you know.

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