Analog Rebellion (formerly PlayRadioPlay!) Wishes You A Happy Halloween, Shares A New Track From His Upcoming Release

Earlier this week, the artist formerly known as PlayRadioPlay! and now known as Analog Rebellion, Aledo's Daniel Hunter, released the above clip, which offers fans yet another glimpse at the direction of his upcoming record. Specifically, the above song, which is set in the video to a clip of Hunter and a friend carving jack-o-lanterns, is a re-working of an earlier PlayRadioPlay! track called "Texas." Now titled "An Onest Thank You," the track is less an ode to Texas and more of a head-scratcher about what's happening around here, music-wise. Listen to the lyrics and see what I mean.

As for me, well, although this new version boasts a certain charm as a social commentary, I still dig the orginal "Texas"--so much so that, odds are, I'll be closing the night with the song again when I head back to the Libertine on Monday night for Vol. 2 of The Local Hang with Playlister P. See you there?


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