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BREAKING: Nicki Minaj Allegedly Involved in Fight at Dallas' Hotel Palomar Last Night

Late-breaking news this early evening as rap femme fatale Nicki Minaj prepares to take the stage at the American Airlines Center as the opening act for tonight's Britney Spears concert: TMZ is reporting that Minaj was "'struck' in the lower lip by a man" last night during a confrontation of some sort at the pool area of Dallas' Hotel Palomar.

The man, who was staying the same hotel room as Minaj, has not yet been identified. And, though TMZ reports that police and paramedics were called onto the scene at Minaj's request, she apparently chose to not press charges on the man who had already fled the scene and who, TMZ says, Minaj claimed she was not dating.

Details are scarce at this point. But a police report was apparently filed. We're in the process of tracking that report down as we write this. We'll keep you posted on what we find...

Update at 6:45 p.m.: Senior Corporal Kevin Janse in the Dallas Police Department's Media Relations Office confirms that a police report exists, but says that it's currently unavailable because no charges were filed. We'll let you know when the report is located...

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