Buy A Limited Edition Erykah Badu Poster For A Good Cause

Like Erykah Badu? Alright, then! What about good causes--like the helping the blind? OK! We're getting somewhere! Like art? Yeah, I know, I know--who doesn't!?!?! Now, the easy part: Got a spare grand? Maybe more?


Oh, come on! Watch the above video and tell me that those Steven Lopez prints aren't cool (click here for a closer look at the painting; click here to watch a video of the painting's creation). A limited pressing of 85 40'' x 30'' prints, 14 artist proofs and one specially-signed artist proof of this painting, the latest in Lopez's "After Midnight Soul" series, went on sale at the strike of 2 a.m. Central Time today. Oh, and--almost forgot--they're all signed by Ms. Badu.

So, if you fit all the above criteria--and there are any left--well, you can go ahead and buy one of the posters here for between $1,000 and $3,000. Then, maybe, I dunno, invite us over to look at it. That'd be awfully kind.

Or, y'know, my birthday is coming up... in a few months.

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