George Strait Announces Second Show at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth

George Strait adds a second show for Fort Worth.
George Strait adds a second show for Fort Worth. Patrick Michels
As we reported in November, the aptly named King of Country is scheduled to perform an intimate show at Fort Worth’s Dickies Arena, a 14,000-seat multipurpose arena anticipated to open next fall.

Predictably, thousands of George Strait fans waited patiently then in Ticketmaster’s virtual waiting room (even on the internet, you can’t escape the draining task of sitting in a waiting room), eager to hit F5 as 10 a.m. rolled around. Much to thousands of people’s vexation, that wait was for nothing.

The $19.82 nosebleeds disappeared faster than Houdini, and along with them, the rest of the high-tier tickets that were priced up to $250. As of this writing, pricing of “Verified Resale Tickets” for this show range between $325 and $3,429 each. To put that in perspective, that's a staggering 1,299 percent markup from face value for the floor seats, and an even more staggering 1,639 percent markup from face value for the nosebleeds.

Suffice to say, the powers that be have listened and are blessing us with a second date at Dickies Arena on Saturday, Nov. 23.

Presales are live now, but the public on-sale starts at 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 8.

Word of advice to those trying to cross King George off their concert bucket list while being frugal — you could fly to Las Vegas and see him at the T-Mobile Arena on Friday, Aug. 23 or Saturday, Aug. 24. With ticket prices, airfare and lodging included, that would be a more economical option.
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