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KNON's Eric Schwartz Has a Goldmine of Classic Rock Photos

"Where am I gonna end up? There's so much notoriety today, it's astounding," says retired photographer, Jeffrey Kliman. "It's worse than Andy Warhol's statement. You're gonna be famous for 15 minutes. Now you're gonna be famous for a nanosecond. Or three pixels."

Kliman's lens has been capturing small portions of monumental moments in rock and jazz history for decades. As of late, he's been reduced to taking gigs such as shooting school photos. It's work. Not quite the same as standing onstage with Johnny Winter, but it's work.

"I've known him my whole life, and I love this kind of shit," says volunteer DJ at KNON Radio, Eric Schwartz. "It was just the perfect situation where I could totally have a lot of fun and help a guy out."

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Aaron Ortega
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