Brothers Kelley and Kyle Juett of the band Mothership thanked fans for a close run but "today the glory was not ours.”
Brothers Kelley and Kyle Juett of the band Mothership thanked fans for a close run but "today the glory was not ours.”
Photo by Mike Brooks

DFW Finalists Lose Metallica's 'Hit The Stage' Contest To Chicago Grunge Band

After weeks of battling 20 other local Dallas bands to reach the final round of Metallica’s “Hit The Stage” contest, Messer and Mothership took to their social media accounts to lead for support. If enough fans voted for them, they would win the chance of a lifetime: to open for Metallica on five dates as part of their WorldWired Tour.

It was not meant to be. Yesterday, the band revealed the alternative grunge outfit Local H had won the contest.

Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich announced the news late Wednesday afternoon on Chicago radio station 97.9 The Loop. “I’m just here to check in to throw the Loop a little love, to throw the city of Chicago a little love and to also throw Local H a little love,” Ulrich said.

“So, wait in the middle of all that you said Local H,” the radio announcer said. “Are you telling me that they won?”

“Drumroll,” he said. “Local H, ta-da, are the winners of the come out and play five shows with Metallica and have some fun this summer."

Metallica fans from around the country spent more than a week casting their ballots on the band's website for one of the eight finalists: Blood People, Hallow Point, TROY (The Reality of Yourself), Local H, Immortal Guardian, Shattered Sun, Mothership and Messer.

Unlike the other finalists, Local H’s 27-year run has included eight studio albums, EPs, singles, a couple of greatest hit albums and a live one and three concert films.  “So I know that they obviously are local hometown heroes in Chicago,” Ulrich said. “Local H has been on my radar for 20 years. To have them come and join us this summer on our stadium run and play five shows, it will be awesome.”

When the news broke, Mothership took to their Facebook page to thank their fans for voting. They were nearly neck in neck with Local H. “A valiant effort by all on board, but today the glory was not ours,” the band posted. “We’re still out here on the road getting HEAVY, promoting our new album ‘High Strangeness’ across the U.S. and Europe!”  He then listed their tour dates; they’ll be back at Trees on May 19.

“What an unbelievable experience this was and one for the books for sure," Messer’s Maddox Messer told the Observer. "While this was the first time hearing about Messer for some of you, we promise it won't be the last."

Metallica will appear in Dallas with Local H on June 16.

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