Plexus Loom Gets New Bass Player, Contemplates Move To Austin

Plexus Loom (Khurk)

Sounds like local lo-fi gothic combo Plexus Gloom are breaking in a new bass player and thinking about a southbound move.

Leader Jason Clyde Reed says the band has become disenchanted with the local scene: “After moving to Spain for three years where we performed regularly to great audiences, the musical deficit locally became painfully obvious,” Reed says.

Plexus Loom’s next Dallas show is April 25th at Lee Harvey’s, but after that the band’s future is uncertain.

Most of Reed’s ire is directed at local venues: “We had some good shows at Amsterdam, but they no longer book a lot of bands, and now Sloppyworld is gone. We feel we are a little too quirky and too dark and not rock enough for Dallas.”

Reed also says that some venues, like the Double-wide, have flat-out refused to book his act.

And yet the band’s future appears to be brightening. New bass player Rob De Stefano (from the defunct Dead Sea Souls) is a multi-instrumentalist who has helped broaden the band’s dense and textured sound.

“I have been writing more parts for keyboards and enjoy having a proficient player to flesh them out,” Reed says. Plexus Loom hopes to record a full-length album, possible a double CD, once they decide on a new home and gather some financial backing.

“I may put some stuff on myspace for free downloading in the meantime,” says Reed. --Darryl Smyers

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