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The Best New Music in Dallas, April 2016: Sad Cop, Post Malone & More

Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians, with some extra ammo to spare

The school year's almost over and summer's just around the corner, which means things are getting busy in Dallas music. From a trio of sharp-witted teenagers to a young twenty-something singer and rapper who's on tour with one Justin Bieber, the young guns were especially busy in April. But the best new music of the past month was an eclectic batch that included progressive electronic experiments, Southern rock bands and Grammy-winning jazz artists.

Sad Cops - Liam Murphy Holt

This trio of teenagers from Coppell earned a ton of local acclaim for their self-titled EP last year. From the five songs on that project, it was clear they have a heartfelt touch and sophisticated ear for of pop punk, shoegaze and emo, as our Jeremy Hallock wrote last year. With Liam Murphy Holt, they’re back with a fuller sound and deeper exploration of the best of those genres. The sonics cover all the bases from introspective bedroom lyrics to anthemic riffs, emotive shrieks and then some. It’s a definite must-listen.

Post Malone - “Go Flex”

Post Malone's debut album never came as promised in March, but it’s hard to blame the guy given he's on tour with Justin Bieber. Fortunately, he delivered this gem to tide us over. Malone gets a little personal about the wave of naysayers and long nights on the road that he's constantly confronted with, leaving him to work toward something he’s not even sure of anymore. He just wants to have fun and flex. As always, he does so with a poise and humility that's served him well through the drama he’s faced in the last year of his rise to fame.

David Morgan - Genesis

“I’m just getting started,” David Morgan says on "Genesis," which may seem innocent enough unless you’re familiar with his background. As a former member of the Mohicans, Morgan and his partner Devan Bernard were among the founding fathers of Dallas’ current underground hip-hop scene, making their debut back in 2010. To think Morgan is just getting started (again) is only good news for local hip-hop fans. On the nine-track EP, Morgan shows off an effortless flow over beats that land well outside of the trap norm. It’s a refreshing listen.

G.U.N. Got Wings

This mixtape brings together two of Dallas’ biggest players in the hip-hop scene. Producer Cardo Got Wings is doing just fine with his career, considering he has production credits on both Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s latest releases. It’s a great gesture of solidarity that he collaborated with Dallas rapper G.U.N, who has been on an absolute tear lately by releasing a storm of music over the past few months. The trap-heavy mixtape also features several up-and-coming acts in Street MSE, Fat Boogie and Crit Morris.

Daniel Markham - “Disintegrator”

DANIEL MARKHAM - Disintegrator from Judd Myers on Vimeo.

This hauntingly beautiful track and video from Denton singer/songwriter Daniel Markham’s upcoming album is quite the tease for the new project. Set to release on May 6, we’re excited to hear what Markham has to offer after hearing this abbreviated track.

Medasin - Public Service Announcement (ft. josh pan)

This song from Medasin is an odd listen, but that’s what makes it so special. Aside from the ominous narration, the track features an impressive progression of sounds and sample packs the artist has for sale. The payoff comes at the 3:00 mark, though: The following 45 seconds may be brief in the scheme of things, but they're so good that they need to be played on repeat several times over.

Extra Ammo

Snarky Puppy - Culcha Vulcha

Felix - My Second Album

Rikki Blu - Misc.

Lord Byron - "Woodrow Wilson"

Quaker City Night Hawks - "Beat The Machine"

Missing Sibling - Missing Sibling

Saint Clair - "I Be"

Conner Youngblood - "A Summer Song"

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