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Tum Tum and DJ Drop Offer Up The Definition Of A ZillaNaire

It's been a little over a year now since Dallas rapper Tum Tum released Eat or Get Ate, the breakout album that saw the man who also calls himself Tumzilla (or sometimes just Zilla) score a moderate national hit with the song "Caprice Muzik", and though we still haven't seen a date attached to Tum's upcoming, slated for '09 release, Tum Thousand Nine, the man does have something new to offer area hip-hop fans today: A new mixtape called The Definition of a ZillaNaire, hosted by the man who first brought the D-Town Boogie to local danceclubs, DJ Drop.

It's a monstrous release, checking in at 36 tracks and over 78 minutes of runtime--and it's available right here as both a stream and a free download via the internet mixtape hub datpiff.com. Posted to the site just two days ago, the tape has already amassed almost 2,400 listens on the site, and over 1,000 downloads.

I'd be lying if I said I've gotten through the whole thing already--I haven't--but I can tell you that what I have heard bodes quite well for the prospects of Tum Thousand Nine, especially if, one assumes, these are just Tum's throwaway efforts. The third track "Getcha Paper" is a bona fide banger, complete with a quick-paced trunk-shaking beat, quick lyrical flow and a catchy hook. Download that sucker ASAP--a must have for local hip-hop afficianados because of the two names attached to the project, let alone its merits.

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Pete Freedman
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