A Whole (Foods) Lot of Moving

Just a friendly note to the mayor, who we've seen on numerous occasions pushing a shopping cart through the aisles of Whole Foods in Preston Forest: The grocery store's closing on December 3. Three days later, it'll re-open at its new location across the street -- you know, the one with the spa? Dunno why they're shutting down the one store before the new one's ready -- doesn't seem to make sense, much less dollars (really, try the veal) -- or why they're not promoting it better. The missus says there are plenty of signs, but they're pretty "passive," as she put it -- small type, dig? There are a few bargains in the health and beauty section, but the entire inventory's pretty small as moving day nears. So, see ya at the spa, right, Laura? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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