Barrett Wissman
Barrett Wissman

Barrett Wissman, Not Makin' St. Mark's Proud

The New York Times reported this morning that Dallas-based hedge fund manager Barrett Wissman has pleaded guilty to securities fraud in New York, where he's cooperating with the New York State Attorney General and the Securities and Exchange Commission's investigations into corruption involving the state pension fund. Wissman, a St. Mark's and SMU grad, manages money for Lamar Hunt and his family, and his involvement in the pension fund fraud is a complicated narrative involving folks named Hank Morris and David Loglisci -- perfect for the made-for-TV movie. Speaking of, here's one highlight from The Times story:

One of the steps Mr. Wissman took to curry favor was investing $100,000 in a film called "Chooch" that was produced by Mr. Loglisci, according to court filings.

The tagline for that particular film: "There's more than one way to spell 'Jackass.'"


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