Brint Ryan Makes Good on His Threat to Sue Fellow Council Candidate Ann Margolin

Last week, when District 13 city council candidate Ann Margolin started circulating to the media a copy of a $482,337.09 federal tax lien filed by the Internal Revenue Service against Brint Ryan, who's also running for Mitchell Rasansky's soon-to-be-vacated seat, I contacted the IRS for further explanation. At the time, Clay Sanford, who handles media relations for the IRS's North Texas Region office, said he couldn't discuss Margolin's allegations: "Federal disclosure regulations prohibit IRS employees from commenting about the tax matters of specific taxpayer." But he forwarded along a lengthy explanation suggesting that the lien itself isn't evidence of, among other things, the amount someone actually owes: "It would be incorrect to assume or to consider the amount on the lien to be a pay-off figure," he told Unfair Park.

Ryan has said repeatedly since last week that the lien stemmed from a dispute he had with the IRS over his tax bill, and that almost as soon as it was filed in late January 29, 2008, he took care of the lien -- which is why it was released on February 27, 2008. And on March 10, 2008, he also received a refund check from the IRS in the amount of $353,249.71. Which hasn't stopped Margolin from sending out campaign mailers insisting the tax expert is anything but. Ryan's none too pleased -- and this morning in Dallas County court, he made good on his threat to sue Margolin for, among other things, defamation. Unfair Park has obtained a copy of the 16-page complaint, which also names consultants C.P. Henry and the Coulter Group, and it's in full after the jump.

Margolin Lawsuit

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