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Can't Believe You're Not on This List of People Who've Received Keys to the City of Dallas

You have asked, and Frank Librio, the public information officer at Dallas City Hall, has answered by providing a recent sampling of the famous, infamous and who's-that?'s who have received keys to the city of Dallas. At last, a list I can get behind. Because, as I've been reminded more than once, everyone loves lists.

Actually, it's two: Librio offers a list of those who have received an Official Key to the City ("provided by Dallas Protocol and given by Mayors or their designees") and those who've put on their key chain a Ceremonial Key to the City ("provided by Council offices and given by various Councilmembers"). Hey, hey, hey -- it's Bill Cosby!


Official Key to the City

Prime Minister Nakasone (presented on March 29, 2003, by council member Mark Housewright)

Princess Michael of Kent (April 24, 2003, by Mayor Laura Miller)

HE Essa Bokar Sey, Ambassador of The Gambia (May 1, 2003, presented by Deputy Mayor Pro Tem John Loza)

Embassay of the PRC, Deputy Chief of Mission, Lan Lijun (June 4, 2003, presented by Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill)

Canadian Secretary of State Maurizio Bevilacqua (September 12, 2003; Miller)

Governor of the State of Hidalgo Manuel Angel Nunez (September 18, 2003; Miller)

The Honorable Paul Martinez, outgoing Consul of the United Kingdom (March 4, 2004; Loza)

The Honorable Gundars Bojars, Mayor of Riga, Lativa (April 20, 2004; Loza)

Delegation of Russian Lawyers, sponsored by Dallas Rotary Club (May 5, 2004; Miller)

Queen Inkhosikati LaMbikiza of Swaziland (May 24, 2004; Miller)

HE Francisco Camps Ortiz, President of the Region of Valencia (November 11, 2008, presented by Mayor Tom Leppert)

T.H. Ainars Slesers, Vice Mayor of Riga, Latvia (February 24, 2010; Leppert)

Olga Algayerova, State Secretary of the Slovak Republic (May 3, 2010; Leppert)

City Hall says: "Requested by Chris Heinbaugh, Mayor Leppert's chief of staff, Unknown" (May 27, 2010; Leppert)

Yasuo Hayashi, JETRO Chairman and CEO (October 20, 2010; Leppert)

Ceremonial Key to the City

11/12/2010: Upon the opening of The Trinity River Plays, Tennell Atkins presented to Regina Taylor

2006: America vs. Chivas de Guadalajara Soccer Game, Pauline Medrano staff member presented two keys to team captains

1/22/11: At Catholic Charities Bishop's Gala, Dwaine Caraway gave a key to Bill Cosby

5/15/10: At Nash/Davis Recreation Center Banquet, Caraway presented a key to Vivica A. Fox

6/24/10: At Debbie Allen Dance Institute at Booker T. Washington High School for Camp sponsored by the Meyerson, Caraway presented a key to Debbie Allen

2007: Steve Salazar presented one to U.S. Olympic boxer Luis Yanez

1/28/2011: At "Support of U.S. Military Press Event," Salazar gave a key to KISS's Gene Simmons

6/11/2010: At Senior Citizens event for his contributions to West Dallas community, Salazar gave a key to Dallas Cowboy Martellus Bennett

8/29/2010: For "50 years of teaching in W. Dallas St. Mary of Carmel School," Salazar presented a key to Eulalia Avilas

9/25/2010: For his "high position for the government of Bangladesh, Member of Parliament and Ambassador to Japan," Salazar gave a key to Matiur Rahman

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