Free smiles from the Feldman.

Corey Feldman Whizzes on Wizard World

On Monday we brought you photos from Wizard World in Arlington, suggesting off-hand that it was a more successful event than the Dallas reunion up at Southfork. Had to be, right?

Corey Feldman, for one, says he got conned at the con, along with other actors who never got paid by promoters, despite the event's hefty entrance fee. "I had an awful experience this weekend at Wizard World! It was NOT the fans YOU guys were GREAT as always! It was the sheer neglect on the part of the promoters," he writes. "I will admit that I was NOT PAID for my appearance this weekend!"

As consolation to his fans, Feldman's graciously autographing copies of his band The Truth Movement's latest album. Thanks to an anonymous tipster for the heads-up.

More of Feldman's rant (poetry?) follows, after the jump.

IT’S A SCAM! I’m Sorry but it’s the TRUTH!!! The only people that profit off these events as a whole are the PROMOTERS! I have done a few of these now and had questionable feelings about the morality of it all after each event. I just don’t feel right knowing that people are spending their hard earned money on my autograph. You see, I love signing for my fans. Anytime, anywhere I see a fan, I will always stop and say hi and take a picture (time allowing of course) with anyone.

I blame the vampire promoters sucking the preverbial blood from a preconditioned turnip. What else should you expect when the world is in financial turmoil and people are struggling to put a meal on the table? You expect people to be able to drop $100 a person? NO WAY!!!

I feel it’s all wrong! So for that reason I am hereby announcing that I will no longer be taking any more offers for these types of engagements. Not until such time that I feel people can again afford the luxury. Also not until I see some serious changes in the way these things are run, and the way people are being treated. I am sorry, I must stand up for what I believe, and I would much rather meet you by chance in the world or backstage at a Truth Movement show...

Continue reading Feldman's entire post here.

-- Patrick Michels

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