Damn It, This Woman's Gonna Save Her Starbucks on Lower Greenville

Noted Regional Comedian Dave Little, this item is not for you. Clearly, you hate the Starbucks on Lower Greenville and the people who sup joe there. No, this is for the regulars there who think that it's a nice little place to hang out and grab a cup of coffee (though I can only recommend the Pike Place Roast™ with a straight face) and strum their guitars and read their books and write their poetry and shoot their shit and don't want to see it shuttered, as Starbucks intends to do -- according to the folks who work there, for now.

Elizabeth Marshall's petition to save the joint went online today; thus far, six have virtually signed. Among them is one Julia Hussey, who writes: "I believe that this Starbucks is a place for authors, musicians, and photographers, as well as all people, to go and share a common interest in what matters most -- community." And, Dave, since you hate community, don't sign it. Everyone else who likes community, have at it. Unless it's Community Coffee, blech. --Robert Wilonsky

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