He Burned DVD Bootlegs for Five Bucks. Now He's Facing Five Years in Federal Prison.

Never heard of a store called Movies and CDs on Bruton Road till this morning. Then again, having someone burn me a bootleg of 27 Dresses for five bucks while I wait isn't exactly on my to-do list. The FBI, however, took a decided interest in the joint, and in February 2008, 26-year-old Oklahoman Robert Campbell Jr. was arrested by special agents who raided the storefront out of which feds allege Campbell and his father-in-law, Osborne Lowe, ran a DVD bootlegging operation.

Lowe, who was indicted by a Dallas federal grand jury two months ago, is waiting a March 10 trial. But Campbell today pleaded guilty to a single count of copyright infringement and aiding and abetting. He could get up to five years in prison and have to pay $250,000 in fines -- all for admitting to spending six months burning and churning 151 titles, among them, per the U.S. Attorney's press release, Bee Movie, Beowulf, The Brave One, Why Did I Get Married?, Rambo and Mad Money.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky