Inside the Huddle: Jerry Jones on 60 Minutes and Gary Cartwright on Dandy Don Meredith

Ex-Channel 5-and-8'er Scott Pelley has, from the looks of it, been in and out of town this year working on

his Jerry Jones profile airing Sunday on 60 Minutes

. The sneak peek above provided by CBS offers a good look at the "agony" of defeat (after defeat after defeat) endured by Jones, who acknowledges (kinda) that he sucks as a general manager.

Watch that, then read this: Gary Cartwright's essay about his ol' shootin'-and-singin' buddy Don Meredith in this morning's New York Times, which is a mile high after the Jones downer. Writes the great Cartwright, ex of the Fort Worth Press and the Dallas Times Herald among so many:

I'd pretty much forgotten the name [Willie Nelson] until one day, in the Cowboys training room, he called me over to his locker and gave me a copy of Willie Nelson at Panther Hall. I took the album home and played it over and over, gradually realizing that it wasn't just another collection of tunes but the essential flavoring of life. Life is a celebration of who we are and where we come from. Meredith understood that instinctively. I learned it the hard way, thanks to my friend Dandy Don.


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