KTVT, WFAA Bicker Over Ratings Results

This morning, Lori Conrad at KTVT-Channel 11 sent word: "KTVT is Number One in Late News for the First Time Ever in a Major 'Sweeps' Period." The press release then went on to say that based on Nielsen numbers for November, the CBS affiliate's 10 p.m. weekday newscast won the time slot for the first time ever, besting WFAA-Channel 8 "by an average of 5,270 viewers," as in:"239,280 viewers for CBS 11 versus WFAA's 234,010." I'd intended to get around to fact-checking that particular nugget but was otherwise detained. Besides, I figured Uncle Barky would get around to it sooner than later.

And he did with a pretty funny item in which WFAA's president and general manager, Mike Devlin, and KTVT's president and general manager, Steve Mauldin, play a pretty heated game of Nuh-Unh, Yuh-Huh concerning the numbers. Says Devilin, "We are so far within the margin of [statistical] error that it's absolutely ludicrous to talk about a winner or loser." To which Mauldin responds, "A win is a win. Absolutely it's close. No one said it wasn't. But it's absolutely a win, and it's a big win. It certainly is not a dead heat." I still love you, Jane.

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