NFL Pre-Season Football -- Cowboys 24, Broncos 23: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. When could you tell it was preseason? Late in the first half Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow scrambled across field, broke two tackles and eventually threw a pass down to Dallas' 5. However, there were three -- count 'em three -- penalties on Denver. On the play safety Danny McCray injured his shoulder and afterward five Cowboys' players bent over sucking air.

9. As for your rookie offensive linemen, Tyron Smith got beat on a blitz to allow a sack of Jon Kitna while David Arkin opened a big hole on Felix Jones' first-quarter 18-yard run up the middle.

8. It didn't reach 100 degrees in the Metroplex yesterday, but as usual it was a comfy 74 inside Cowboys Stadium. I've been told the joint's monthly electric bill in the peak summer months can reach ... wait for it ... $500,000. Yep, per month.

7. I been touting free-agent receiver Raymond Radway since early in camp. Touchdown catch from Stephen McGee in the third quarter won't hurt his chances of sticking. At least on the practice squad. He's a better receiver right now today than Jesse Holley. But he may not be better than 6th-round draft pick Dwayne Harris, who took a simple slant and sprint-turned it into a 76-yard touchdown. Wow.

6. Props to Jason Garrett, who realizes there's no sense in playing overtime during exhibition time. Whether it worked or not, his decision to go for two with 15 seconds remaining was the right move. Bravo. Not sure if it deserved a Tiger Woods fist-pump uppercut, but it was fun. Pre-season results are meaningless, but a positive culture can be developed.

5. No way David Buehler's 42-yard field goal on Dallas' opening drive was good. Right? Looked as if it went just outside the left upright to me. Good or not, it did little to instill confidence.

4. If McGee is ever going to develop into an NFL quarterback, he's got to sense pressure and get rid of the ball on a consistent basis. Oh yeah, and throw the ball more accurately. I know he's engineered a couple of late-game heroics now, but the guy just isn't a quality quarterback. Not yet, anyway.

3. So much for Lonyae Miller's sparkling camp. The running back hit of San Antonio flopped in Arlington, managing only 11 yards on nine carries.

2. If you go to Cowboys Stadium and it seems, well, incomplete, that's because still -- in its third football season -- the stadium is void of the team's five Super Bowl banners. They hung from the rafters in Texas Stadium, but are these days merely packed away in storage, awaiting a Cowboys Stadium museum that may or may not be built. Sad.

1. Wanted to see something different from new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and it didn't take long. On Denver's first possession the Cowboys rushed three linemen and three linebackers -- none of which started the play with a hand on the ground. Of course then Kyle Orton completed a 29-yard pass to Eric Decker in front of safety Gerald Sensabaugh and it was all-too-familiar 2010 once again.

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