Really, Rangers Fans, Why Can't We Form a "Supporters' Union" Too?

Tom Hicks is still loathed in Liverpool -- sounds like it ought to be the name of autobiography at this point. Last week, Hicks announced that the team's new stadium wasn't going to be built after all -- looks like he and partner George Gillett kinda ran out of money, maybe? And yet another delay in its construction, which will be handled by Hicks' pals at Dallas-based HKS, Inc., has prompted fans of Liverpool FC to call for a boycott of the Royal Bank of Scotland if it extends the twosome any more credit.

In fact, members of the Spirit Of Shankly -- the self-proclaimed Liverpool Supporters' Union -- are meeting Saturday night to discuss yanking their dough out of the bank anyway. That is, until Hicks sells to Dubai International Capital, which has plenty of cash and yesterday upped its offer to buy the club. At the rate Rangers fans are turning out to games -- 12,882 paid attendance yesterday, and doubtful a quarter of that actually showed -- maybe he'll sell the Rangers to Dubai? Because they'll spend. And spend. Also: spend. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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