Jerry Jones, eat your heart out.
Jerry Jones, eat your heart out.

Singapore Dome to Eclipse JerryWorld as World's Largest. But Hey, Ours Has Yoga Pants.

Jerry Jones must have felt the superlatives slipping away from Cowboys Stadium, that monument to football, consumerism, and, not least, Jerry Jones. What other explanation could there be for opening the first ever lingerie store inside a sports stadium?

Three years after it opened with a dome that, at 275 meters in diameter, was the largest in the world, the roof at JerryWorld is poised to be eclipsed.

In Singapore, crews are at work building a new National Stadium. The structure, part of a $1.3 billion "sports hub," will hold a relatively pedestrian 55,000 people, but it will do so beneath a dome that stretches 310 meters across. It is the only stadium in the world designed to host soccer, rugby and cricket, according to The Jakarta Post.

Jerry Jones can't say that, nor can he say that Cowboys Stadium's retractable roof doubles as a giant projector equipped with 3,000 LEDs. Jerry still has a definite edge in one area at least: You can't get drunk with 15,000 bears fans in Singapore.

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