This Morning, In a New York State of Mind

Writes Mike Lupica in this morning's New York Daily News: "So now, after all the winning during the regular season that Joe Girardi talked about in a testy postgame interview session, after starting the postseason with four straight wins and maybe thinking the Rangers were going to be the kind of pushovers that the Twins are, the New York Yankees need to win a game Tuesday night against the Rangers. Or they show up at the Stadium Wednesday afternoon playing for their season."

Notes Brian Costello in this morning's New York Post: "A.J. Burnett spent yesterday afternoon at a Halloween store buying zombie hands and vampire teeth for his children. Tonight, he could be the star of his very own horror movie."

And this, from Ben Shpigel of The New York Times: "In the copious annals of Yankees postseason history, not many compare. Only once before had an opposing pitcher given up two hits while pitching at least eight shutout innings, and that was another dominant left-hander, Warren Spahn, in Game 4 of the 1958 World Series. Nearly awestruck afterward, [Andy] Pettitte mentioned Josh Beckett, who fired nine shutout innings for Florida to clinch the 2003 World Series."

The floor is yours, William Joseph Martin Joel.

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