GCB Promo">

"Welcome to Dallas, Texas, Where Every Day is Judgment Day": The New GCB Promo

They've been

shooting Dallas at Saint Ann Court

all day; and

first-day-of-filming footage has been making the rounds

today courtesy TNT, which will air the next-gen reboot in the summer of 2012. But let's turn our attention instead to a different Dallas-set series set to air sooner than that:

ABC's small-screen adaptation of Kim Gatlin's book Good Christian Bitches

, or


, or whatever it'll end up being known as come airtime.

This show, of course, won't be shot here -- L.A.'s doubling as the Park Cities. But it's still set here, as evidenced by this freshly minted teaser featuring pilot footage that was filmed locally. Quick: How many episodes does it last?


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