We're So High on Josh Howard

There's very little to say about this lengthy clip from today's episode of The Michael Irvin Show on ESPN-FM 103.3, during which Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard addressed this article that appeared over the weekend. Because, really, it's no biggie. So, sure, the Mav went on the air and admitted to smokin' weed in the off-season. Whatevs. Right? That's what J-Ho says -- it's no biggie. "I do partake in smokin' weed in the off-season." But only the off-season -- no matter how stoned he sounds during radio interviews.

"Everybody knows in the media world and sports world that NBA players smoke marijuana," he said a short time ago. "It's true. [But] that has nothing to do with what I do far as basketball, ya know. When I go out there I go out there and perform." (Except during the playoffs.) Of course, folks will wonder why he's bringing it up now, with Mavs-Hornets Game 3 set to tip in a few hours? Because he's just being honest, bless him. --Robert Wilonsky

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