A Thief Robbed Method Coffee Last Night but Missed its Biggest Asset: The Espresso Machine

Earlier this morning, a thief hurled a brick through the glass front door of Method Coffee, the specialty coffee shop in East Dallas. The register was robbed of approximately $300 dollars, according to a barista working the counter.

Employees arrived early in the morning to find a gaping hole in the door, the floor of the shop covered in glass and the registered pillaged. But what's of particular interest, to the relief of shop owner Louie Corwin, is what was not taken by the perpetrator.

After breaking the door, the brick-thrower walked past an espresso machine that's worth almost $20,000. And while you can argue that high-end Italian espresso machines are heavy and likely to hamper a hasty getaway, the thief then broke into the register door that sat beneath an unsecured iPad register worth a few hundred more.

For now, the window is boarded up with plywood, but the glass is cleaned up and Method Coffee is fully operational. Corwin is asking loyal customers for a little extra support over the next few days via his Facebook page.

Method Coffee, 1623 N Hall St., Suite 101, (469) 726-2290, mkt.com/method-coffee

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