Between the Buns is coming, and there's room for even more sweet slider action.
Between the Buns is coming, and there's room for even more sweet slider action.
Melissa Hennings

Think You Make the Best Sliders in Dallas? Prove It at Between the Buns

Dallas' first slider festival hits Dallas Farmers Market on Saturday, March 24, and some serious slider talent has already signed onto the inaugural fest:

Harlowe MXM
Henry's Majestic
Pollo Campero
Bucky Moonshine's
City Council
Cook Hall
Haystack Burgers & Barley
Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
Fresh Art Foodie
House of Blues
Isabelly's Chocolates & Sweet Treats
Cuban Dulceria International Bakery
Easy Slider
Full Circle Tavern
Unrefined Bakery
Chop House Burger

Even with all those tiny-sandwich champions, there's still room for more. Think your restaurant's sliders are some of the city's best? Email jennifer.robinson@dallasobserver.com to join the ranks of Dallas' tiny-sandwich-slinging elite.

If you don't have tickets for Between the Buns yet, get on that — this weekend's Dallas Observer brunch fest, The Morning After, sold out before it was even set up at Dallas Farmers Market. Who can say no to unlimited sliders and a cash bar?

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