Bisous Bisous' Croissants: The Next Best Thing to Flying to France

The perfect croissant is ephemeral — that short period of time when the crusty exterior shatters into seemingly thousands of shards while a soft, almost doughy center gives way with a gentle puff of steam lasts only a few minutes. You can only experience it just after a croissant is pulled from the oven, and when you do, it will forever change how you view pastry.

I was lucky enough to have a croissant at its pinnacle at Bisous Bisous, where I watched every step of their making. Show up at 7 a.m. when the bakery first opens and you can have an oven-fresh croissant too. If that seems like too much trouble, just watch this video and you should find yourself sufficiently motivated to lay off the snooze button.

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