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Blue Bell Is Overrated, Dallas, So Eat These Five Frozen Treats Instead

This Blue Bell recall has local ice cream fans skulking around the freezer aisle. Shelves have been cleaned of the company's product as a voluntary recall counters a mysterious listeria contamination. You can't get Blue Bell anywhere right now.

I'll admit, though, I'm having a hard time figuring out why everyone is so upset. I understand that Blue Bell is an all-time childhood favorite around here. But it's not good ice cream.

Those cardboard containers are filled with just another mass-produced, frozen dairy product that we've all attached some sort of personal story to. And since it's spring, I think it's a pretty good time to take those dusty old memories to the garbage heap in favor of some new ones. These are your best options.

Carnival Barker (pictured above) Aaron Barker has been dominating the local ice cream scene since he first opened, and he'll be even more unstoppable when he gets his new Oak Cliff location open. Barker is currently hoping that he'll be handing out scoops by mid-May, but his original location at the Truck Yard is alive and well. No recalls here.


Lake Highlands Creamery's Mother Load I stumbled on this ice cream bar last weekend at Luscher's Red Hots. It's the only ice cream-on-a-stick product I've ever eaten that was sold with a cardboard boat and a spoon as necessary back up. If your doctor has asked you to stay away from Luscher's Red Hots or you don't want a snack aisle on a stick, this small creamery delivers orders over $10 in the Lake Highlands area. Something tells me we'll be hearing more about these guys in the near future.


Steel City Pops They may not be ice cream, but the creamy pops at Steel City are just as rich and satisfying. Come here for interesting flavors like avocado and buttermilk, and know that you'll always be surrounding by some like-minded friends.


Melt Ice Creams If you happen to be in Fort Worth, this ice cream shop is worth your attention. Olive Oil, tea and other unconventional flavorings make their way into ice creams that ware worth seeking out when you find yourself in Cowtown


Pop Star Popsicles I see carts selling these pops all over town, and I have a hard time passing them up each and every time. You can find them at farmers markets, and as this weather continues to warm at every outdoor event where more than seven people have gathered. Have some champagne handy? Invert a fruity Pop Star pop in your glass for a treat that will get you the whole way through summer.

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