Bobaddiction, The Snow Cone and FroYo Hybrid with Boba, Is About To Hit Dallas

There's a new culinary creation hitting the streets of Dallas soon. Bobaddiction is a Taiwanese-inspired dessert food truck that specializes in gourmet boba tea drinks and also a hybrid of frozen yogurt and shaved ice, called shaved snow. Three industrious Dallas guys found the dessert at night markets of Taipei and came back to Texas to realize the options here were sparse, if existent at all.

Here's a breakdown from one of the three, Randy Hu, of their concept and product, plus where you can find them.

So, who are you guys? There are three of us [Hu, John Ting, and Quang Vo] starting up Bobaddiction, our first project in the food industry. We're all young professionals: I'm a software engineer, John is an immigration lawyer and Quang is an accountant. All of us have had some food industry experience in the past; I worked at Lollicup, one of the biggest boba tea chains in the U.S., John's family owns a BBQ joint and used to own a Chinese restaurant, and Quang used to cook at his family's restaurant back in Vietnam.

What's boba? A chewy sweet ball made from tapioca starch that is found in flavored teas.

What's Bobaddiction? A Taiwanese boba tea and shaved snow food truck. We specialize in fruit and milk flavored gourmet teas and a new hybrid dessert that is somewhere between frozen yogurt and shaved ice, called shaved snow (invented in 2008 in Taiwan). These desserts are huge in Taiwan and China and also on the West Coast.

What made you want get a food truck? Once we moved here, we quickly realized that there were no acceptable and authentic boba tea shops in Uptown or Downtown. We grew up drinking boba tea, and every single weekend we would have cravings for it and have to drive 15 to 20 minutes up north just to find a decent cup! Also, we had just come back from vacationing in Taiwan and tried shaved snow and absolutely LOVED it.

Can you describe the dessert a little more? Our shaved snow has a consistency somewhere between ice cream and a snow cone. It's delicately shaven layers of snow-like ribbons, covered in fresh fruits and creamy condensed milk. And of course, we honor the "boba" by using the highest quality boba we could find, cooked to perfection.

You mentioned previously that you're using fresh ingredients. Yes, All of our fruit teas and shaved snow desserts use fresh fruits. Our artisan teas are of the highest quality and brewed at exact temperatures and durations. Our boba is made from Grade A premium tapioca and cooked at exact temperatures and durations. Our sweeteners are all-natural and come from Taiwan (yellow rock sugar, brown rock sugar, Longan honey). Lastly, we use filtered water to make all of our teas.

What's the plan for hitting the streets in Dallas? Since we all have full-time jobs, when we start out, we will be doing Thursday nights, Friday nights (and possibly lunch), Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch and dinner. Eventually we will try to operate Wednesdays-Sundays all day, as well as special events and catering.

However, we will be at the Harwood District Global Street Fest this Saturday.

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