Cane Rosso's Anti-Ranch Crusade Has Now Fully Coated the National Media in Buttermilk

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If you're sick of reading about ranch dressing and pizza, you'll have to get over it or shut off the Internet. In fact, you'll have to shut off your TV, too, as news programs across the country are picking up and running with the story on Cane Rosso, the small, Dallas-based pizza chain that offers a $1,000 bottle of ranch dressing as a condiment for their Neapolitan pie.

Even though the bottle has been displayed for some time, it wasn't until a picture ended up on Reddit that the story went viral. Eater wrote a blurb about it. We published a story on CoA arguing the ranch dressing was best kept away from pizza. Eater ran an interview about it. And then everything exploded.

Jay Jerrier's Facebook stream has become a never-ending montage of links to publications writing about the story. Business Insider ran a story earlier in the week, closely followed by a fair and balanced report from Fox News. Buttermilk-soaked crusts made it all the way across the Atlantic later that day to appear in the Daily Mail's story that portrayed the whole scene as a big joke.

MSN Money mentioned the bottle was offered with a wink and a nod, but a large number or internet comments indicate that many don't think it's funny. "Bird" said the following of her dining club on an update post on Eater: "Cane Rosso was proposed for our next dinner, and 41 of the 52 said Jerrier was too douchey and we passed." Bird predicts "a public backlash" from all the poor publicity.

Other comments more angrily compare Jerrier to a fascist, a pizza nazi and an all around food bully, to which he simply fans the flames further with material like a temporary sign that declares ranch dressing completely forbidden at Cane Rosso, again, "only as a joke." Ranch has become the ultimate pizza meme.

If there is any poor publicity, it's not showing up in spots on Fox 29 News in Philadelphia or on KVIL radio here in Dallas. Tony Zazza introduced the segment by referring to "Cane Rosso, which is a delicious pizzeria here in town."

Glowing endorsements like that one show exactly why Jerrier is happy to keep fanning the ranch dressing flames. All of this coverage is beats a pre-recorded radio advertiment hands down. It's also a heck of a lot cheaper.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.