Eat This

Eat This: Remedy's New Beet-Cured Salmon Sandwich

If I didn't know what I'd ordered, I would have assumed the plate contained freshly sliced tuna. The fish was a deep and rich crimson, not from myoglobin stores, which tuna and other red fish have plenty of, but from beets. The fish was salmon that had been cured with the most inky root vegetable of them all, and the results were delicious.

Danyele McPhereson unveiled a new menu at Remedy this week, and the beet-cured salmon jumped out at me as a potential light lunch. The fish bears an unmistakable beety flavor and a firm texture that makes for a refreshing alternative to standard gravlox. If you're a fan of cured fish, this is a must-try.

There's no bagel. What's hidden under that ruby-red fish is lightly toasted bread that's been smeared with avocado. There's a nest of arugula, too, and some soft pickled onions that add some bite. 

The open-faced sandwich comes with either tomato soup, fries or a salad, and unless you're watching those carbs like a hawk, you should choose the fries as long as you can still save some room for dessert. A green tomato pie is on the menu now, which sounds amazingly weird, but the option wasn't available during my visit. That's OK, the pies constantly rotate, and it's just another excuse to come back. Not that I really needed one. That beet-cured salmon sandwich could easily become a regular lunch.
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