Eggs, Olive Oil & Less Booze: Seven Cocktail Trends You'll See More Than Uggs This Fall

All around Dallas right now, bartenders are phasing out summer's fruity, fizzy drinks and frosés to be replaced by slightly heavier, richer cocktails with bolder flavors. We asked some of our favorite bar men and women what they see trending in cocktails this fall and we heard about the good, the delicious and the potentially ugly.

Austin Gurley, High & Tight
"I think flips will be big this fall; flips are cocktails that incorporate a whole egg or yolk and are traditionally made with rum. I absolutely love flips that not too many people have experience with other than as eggnog, but that's slowly changing due to the popularity of egg white cocktails and the diminishing stigma some have had about egg in cocktails. The egg yolk really gives a delicious richness to the cocktail that goes perfectly for cold cozy weather."

Reid Lewis, Bowen House
"I'm having fun experimenting with olive oil this fall. Whether you're using it to froth a drink or as a dollop of flavor in a martini, it's an excellent way to add a new dimension to cocktails."

Sean Taylor, The Standard Pour
"[The Standard Pour is] going for all the usual fall flavors: walnuts, pecans, plums, apples, cranberries and pumpkin, of course — mostly richer, bolder flavors. We try to stay creative and edgy for the cocktail enthusiasts, while at the same time using ingredients that are approachable to the average consumer."
Stephen Halpin, Patrón International
"I'm hoping to see more fortified wines, specifically sherry, being used in cocktails this fall. It's a light element for cocktails with spicy notes that has been overlooked, but it's perfect in a cobbler. While Midnight Rambler already has a unique sherry offering, the Indochine Bamboo, on the menu, we'll see if an Artist's Special (a take on a whiskey sour using sherry) or a Cartini make a debut on a Dallas bar menu sometime soon."
Ravinder Singh, Rapscallion
"I think hot cocktails are going to be big again this winter. At Rapscallion, we're planning on doing some fun twists on the hot toddy. We'll also keep the tiki program going strong for the folks who want to feel like they're on vacation."
Kyle O'Paris, Absolut Elyx
"I’ve noticed that lately bartenders are embracing less-boozy cocktails. You’re not always doing your guests a favor by loading them up on ABV. Lowering alcohol content doesn’t have to compromise flavor, but allows subtle components a chance to shine and welcomes patrons to sample more cocktails in one sitting. A mid-proof spirit paired with a light aperitif and fresh ingredients are a perfect combination. Andrew Stofko of Victor Tango’s recently embodied this trend with his Not So Peachy cocktail."
Chris Unruh
"Well, I hope we can get away from the on-the-nose flavors of fall like pumpkin and cinnamon. I keep seeing room temperature cocktails (called Scaffa cocktails) making menu appearances. It's a category that has some legs and hopefully some local folks can do some cool riffs on those."
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