Funky Picnic opened this week in Fort Worth.
Funky Picnic opened this week in Fort Worth.
Michael Thacker

Fort Worth’s New Funky Picnic Brewery Wants to Help You Make the Perfect Food-Beer Pairing

It wasn’t that long ago that Fort Worth had little to no craft breweries occupying its landscape, and yet within a decade, we have seen a dramatic increase in breweries entering the scene. This summer, Fort Worth managed to squeeze in another new brewery: Funky Picnic Brewery, which is smack dab in the middle of an area with several other local breweries, creating a utopian central for beer lovers.

Four breweries are all situated within walking distance of each other, with a local pub, Pouring Glory, located only a couple of blocks from the nest of breweries.

Funky Picnic Brewery set out to provide locals with a slightly different style and offering from its neighbors, as not only do they brew solid beer, but they cook up some appetizing dishes as well.

The interior at Funky Picnic
The interior at Funky Picnic
Michael Thacker

“We really set out to do something unique by collaborating with our chef to inform customers what the best beer pairing option would be to enhance their meal choice,” says Funky Picnic’s head brewer, Michael Harper. “We are really looking forward to collaborating with local chefs with a monthly beer dinner event that will begin in August to help reach out to the local community, and where people can come to learn something new while connecting with others and trying good brews and food.”

The brewery sports a hipster/industrial theme that's appropriately laid-back. Set up on the far right are windows where you can check out the brewing setup. The smaller setup hasn’t hindered production for Harper, though, as he utilizes each and every square inch of the brewing space to brew up several different styles and flavors.

“I have to keep active and I love experimenting, so even though it is a smaller brewing area, I am always coming up with new ideas and pumping out more brews,” he says.

Although Harper is busy pumping out good brews, they aren’t stopping there but are seeking to expand by collaborating with some local breweries in the near future.

“We’ve been in the talks of doing some possible collaborations with Collective Brewery Project down the road as well as Turning Point Brewery in Bedford,” Harper says.

Being one of only three brewpubs in the Fort Worth city limits — the others are Cowtown Brewery and Fort Brewery — Funky Picnic hopes to engage with the local community and provide something different. With Cowtown Brewery focusing primarily on barbecue and Fort Brewery specializing in pizza, Funky Picnic set their sights on delicious sandwiches.

“Our chef ... is really set on fixing up some awesome sandwiches while each week providing customers with specials that feature all new creations," Harper says.

Funky Picnic Brewery also provides customers with intriguing appetizers, salads and desserts as well as wine, sodas, ciders and coffee. They opened June 26, and their grand opening is July 20.

Funky Picnic, 401 Bryan Ave., Fort Worth. Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday.

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