State Fair of Texas

Here Are the Eight Fried-Food Finalists for the Texas State Fair's Big Tex Choice Awards

You've done so well keeping that swimsuit physique sharp and toned for the entire summer, but it's all about to come crashing down like a mountain of thinly shaved potatoes fried to something resembling perfection. The State Fair of Texas is back.

And you're all going to die.

Remember, these are the people who took normally refreshing things like Coke and beer and managed to turn them into a warm, gooey-crusted mess. Frito pie, which might often be considered caloric enough with its cheese and chili, was somehow encapsulated in golden brown and delicious deadly. Even bacon wasn't safe. The most perfect food thing on the planet was subjected to abuse and ended up chicken-fried.

Of course, sometimes these mutant dished are appealing. Deep-fried jambalaya turned out to be the world's most coveted (and most expensive) arancini, and Alice Laussade described the Buffalo chicken in a flapjack as chicken-boning delicious.

See Also: Allan Weiss Wins Best Taste with Fried Chicken Flapjack. Eat It.

Anyhow, here's what you have to pummel yourself with this year, in addition to all the deep-fried, cheese-covered stuff you've come to depend on in the past. You should probably print this out and read it on your way to the gym. Actually, you should probably just go to the gym.

Awesome Deep Fried Nutella Cream cheese and Nutella are whipped and spread over flaky Phyllo dough sheets, rolled up and deep fried. Served with a drizzle of honey and shaved almonds.

This sounds like it belongs in a fancy Italian restaurant. High probability of delicious.

Deep Fried Cuban Roll A filling of slow cooked pork shoulder, chopped ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and secret sauce is spread onto a slice of Swiss cheese, rolled up in pastry dough, and deep fried. Roll is served with a side of mojo sauce for dipping.

Obviously the winner.

Fernie's Deep Fried King Ranch Casserole This stick-to-your-ribs TEXAS-SHAPED creation is melted cheese, salty, spicy goodness that is dipped in a zesty Southwestern egg wash and coated in panko bread crumbs. Deep fried golden brown and crunchy on the outside; steamy and creamy on the inside! Served with a side of red, white, and blue tortilla chips and your choice of our homemade "salsafied" sour cream or cheesy queso. Each one proudly flying the flag of the Lone Star State and deep fried in the Heart of Texas!

Anything that uses "goodness" in its description should be disqualified for terrible food writing. And while noun-turned-verb is mostly awesome, "salsafied" proves the technique is not a silver bullet.

Head over the page for a lesson on how to make a Deep-Fried Oreo, and for news of a Fried Thanksgiving Dinner!

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