How to Drink on the Cheap in Dallas Five Nights a Week

It's not hard to find a good cocktail in Dallas, and it's certainly not hard to find an expensive cocktail, either. We live in the era of the $27 cocktail, and it's not uncommon to find yourself staring down a drinks list that starts at $12. But there are cheap drinking options to be found in this city, particularly if you're a fan of indulging on weeknights. 

In the spirit of cheap drinking, I've rounded up your schedule for next week — Monday through Friday — where you can drink five nights in a row for less than $50, total. Maybe you can spend some of your savings on Advil and Ubers, because you may end up with a hangover or two.
Ozona, 4615 Greenville Ave.
Claiming to have "Dallas' best patio," Ozona is a nice spot to relax and take in some fresh air (once it cools down, that is) with one of their margaritas in hand. On Mondays, their house margaritas can be yours for just $2 — frozen or rocks. Want a little better quality liquor?  Go for their Ozonarita which is just $4 on Mondays.

Frankie's Downtown, 1303 Main St.
Tuesdays are the actual worst. You can't complain that it's Monday or hump day, and it's nowhere near the end of the week. Luckily, Frankie's is here to help Tuesday by offering happy hour all night. From 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., you can order one of their 22 happy hour drink options starting at just $3 — or go for the trifecta with a mixed drink, beer and a shot of Fireball and for just $10.

City Tavern, 1402 Main St.
Beloved downtown hangout City Tavern will help you get over your hump day blues with their famous boilermaker, dubbed the Dirty Dusty.  It's a shot of Jack Daniel's and a Pabst Blue Ribbon for $6.50. City Tavern knows the value of a cheap drink — the bar's Facebook page posts updates about specials ($4 shooters every Saturday during happy hour? Aye aye, captain) almost daily. 

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Susie Oszustowicz

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