Jackalopes Spotted at the Texas Motor Speedway

On the off chance that you're one of those NASCAR types, you should know there's some interesting new menu items that will be available at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. Joel Pena, the executive chef at the race track is planning on doling out some serious bacon abuse.

Cotton candy will be flecked with bits of the salty, smoky swine, which will also be featured in a martini. That's right. Just in case cotton candy vodka isn't enough for you, Pena is tossing in some bacon.

And then there's jackalope ...

Of course not real jackalop (they're an endangered species) but faux jackalope sausage will be available. This sausage features a blend of pork, rabbit and antelope to mimic the mythical creature of lore.

And if you really want to kill yourself with food there's also Smokin' Hubcaps available, despite NASCAR vehicles having no hubcaps of their own. The dish features a glazed doughnut topped with -- wait for it -- smoked brisket, onions strings, cheddar cheese, coleslaw AND barbecue sauce.

Oy! I hope you're planning on drinking Bud Light this weekend.

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