Libertine Holds Fifth Annual Brass Knuckles Corndog Beat Down on July 4

Next Thursday, July 4, is the Fifth Annual Brass-Knuckle Corndog Beat Down at the Libertine Bar. This is one of our favorite food events because eating copious amounts of corn dogs is just disgusting! Which is so great! Because it's gross! You should so totally do it! We've got your back all the way (from a distance, obviously).

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This year, The Libertine Bar is pulling out all the stops. First of all, the little bar on Greenville opens at 11 a.m. with a dunk tank. A dunk tank! Full of beer! (Actually, it's not full of beer.)

The contest, which is free, starts at 7 p.m. and is really simple: Shove as many corn dogs in your face as you can in 15 minutes.

Last year's winner ate 20 corn dogs. Our very own Jesse Hughey, who is strangely slim for the food contests he takes part in, won the contest in 2009 by eating 16 corny things. Then, in 2010 he beat his old record with 18. After his repeat victory he sprinted out of the bar to talk to the dumpster for a little bit. However, their conversation didn't get very far.

Anyhoosie, you can register right now at The Libertine and you also need to be there by 5 p.m. on the day of the event. The first place winner gets a brass knuckles trophy and a $100 gift certificate. Second place gets a $50 gift certificate and third gets $25 in quarters.

And per the contest rules, "in the event of a draw there will be a tequila shoot out."

Shit just got real.

Hughey reports that it's actually a triple shot and the first person to finish it wins. "It's totally worth it," say Hughey, who won the tequila tiebreaker in '09. "With all that food in my stomach I didn't even feel it."

Here's are a few more words of inspiration from the two-time champ, who is competing in this year's event: "The only thing that feels worse than a stomach full of State Fair-brand corn dogs is defeat."

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