Little Red Wasp's Wasp’s Knees Takes the Sting Out of Bars Being Closed

This wasp's sting doesn't hurt much at all.
This wasp's sting doesn't hurt much at all. Susie Oszustowicz
We have a little light beaming through from what we hope is the end of the tunnel with the promise of a vaccine, but for the time being, we’re continuing our new takeout traditions. The winds of change are coming, and they smell like gin.

Little Red Wasp in downtown Fort Worth is trying to take the sting out of bars being closed by offering delicious dine-in and to-go options in their Wasp’s Knees.

Packaged nicely with local favorite Zephyr Gin, this take on a Bee’s Knees brings a little heat thanks to the restaurant's housemade raspberry-habanero honey (that’s a lot of things together, but it’s delicious).

Zephyr Gin, a medium-bodied floral and citrus gin, is paired with the spice and brings a nice botanical element to even out the habanero. The citrus breaks the heat and brightens up the already beautifully colored cocktail.

Call ahead for the kit or enjoy the space for a socially distanced meal. Everyone here is attentive to masks and great service.

Wasp's Knees ($9 dine-in, $30 for a cocktail kit, serving four): Zephyr Gin, raspberry-habanero honey, lemon juice

Little Red Wasp, 808 Main St., Fort Worth).
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Susie Oszustowicz

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