This shot of pho has an added twist: alcohol.EXPAND
This shot of pho has an added twist: alcohol.
Tony Krash

A Pho Cocktail? Midnight Rambler's Pho-King Turns the Vietnamese Soup Into a Delicious Shot

The gauntlet has been thrown down: savory cocktails are finally making headway on Dallas cocktail menus. Midnight Rambler, one of the most progressive cocktail bars in our city, not only took the challenge, but put a savory cocktail, nay, a shot, on their new menu, and it's interesting.

Their savory darling, the Pho-King Champ ($8), is made with Absolut Elyx wheat vodka, Oloroso Sherry, aromatized beef stock (simple stock simmered with serious flavors like onion, ginger and Sriracha) and cilantro. As odd as it sounds, the flavors balance nicely as it drops an a-bomb of umami in your mouth.

Midnight Rambler, 1530 Main Street (Downtown), midnightramblerbar.com

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