Sprinkles' Cupcake ATM is Now in Service + Plans for the Sprinkles Ice Cream Parlor

And on the 4 billionth day, God created a cupcake ATM.

Sprinkles in the Plaza at Preston Center (4020 Villanova Drive) plugged in their cupcake ATM last night. Now the people of Dallas can handle-up on their cupcake fix, just like their cash fix, 24 amazing hours of the day.

This is only the third such machine in the U.S. The cupcakes are the same as those served in stores and share the same daily menu. According to the store, the machine is restocked several times a day with fresh goods. Each cupcake is $4 (credit/debit cards only) and for today they have hidden 19 gift cards in random boxes in the machine.

Most reviews about the quality of ATM cupcakes from the other two cities blessed with the machines (LA and Chicago) are positive. However, one Yelper in Chicago didn't like hers: "... honestly, you're probably better off just going to the baked goods aisle of Walgreens down the street."

Which is why Yelp! is so fascinating. Who knew Walgreen's had a fresh baked goods aisle? We will certainly follow-up on that pronto.

Another Yelper in Chicago accuses the machine of subliminal messages:

"The cupcake ATM lulls unsuspecting passerbyers [sic] with its strangely hypnotic theme song. Subliminally sinister, I was one of them. At 1AM, with a swipe of a card, we quelled our sweet tooth with a dark chocolate fix."

I could totally see that happening.

It turns out Chicagoans will even stand in frigid January weather for a vending machine cupcake. We'll certainly counter that with standing out there in 100-degree heat.

In more Sprinkles news, they are remodeling an adjacent space for a Sprinkles Ice Cream Parlor, which according to the store, they plan to open by August. Will a cupcake ice cream sandwich be a part of that plan? Of course it will.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.