Taco Bell To Give Away New Cool Ranch Tacos Today at the Lovers Lane Barber Shop

Huddle around and take a knee. So, Taco Bell has this new Cool Ranch taco shell coming out on March 7, which we've told you about. Well, last Friday Taco Bell had a super-special-secret early tasting of the new tacos at a flower shop in New York City. People "in the know" asked for a "blue bouquet" and after a mild amount of chiding, they received a Cool Ranch DLT.

Now the circus has come to Dallas. Interestingly enough, it's pitching its tent at The Lovers Lane Barber Shop, which from what we gather is somewhat of an institution that offers old-school, straight razor, honest grooming, with all the character you'd want at such a place.

If you're interested in getting an early taste of the new Cool Ranch tacos, I have it from a source on the inside that you need to go to the barbershop from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and ask the barber to "make you look cool..." and you'll receive a special treat.

We're not sure if one can actually get a trim, shave, mani/pedi due to the tacos being dealt, but we certainly hope.

The Lovers Lane Barber Shop is at 4331 Lovers Lane, in the strip mall on the south side, between the tollway and Preston Road. Parking isn't exactly abundant, so plan accordingly.

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