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The Stand On McKinney Avenue Has Some Crazy Mac And Cheese

The Stand on McKinney Avenue opened in January, making use of an Airstream they split down the center like a hot dog bun for decor. They serve hot dogs, burgers, wings and other snacks you'd expect to purchase at a baseball stadium with cheap pitchers of cheap beer, staying open late to feed the Uptown revelers who need a little grease before they head home.

Recently the restaurant started a free delivery service. In addition to a hot dog covered in chili and cheese, they'll bring cigarettes and beer to your front door. Everything you need for liver failure, hypertension and a heart attack is only a phone call away, as long as you spend $25. I stopped in to try a couple of dogs, some wings and other snacks and found the food lackluster, but their mac and cheese is interesting.

Don't get too excited. The base is processed cheese, or "white queso" as the girl working the counter described it. It gets a nice skin on it as it sits, just like that Bob Armstrong dip we ate at Matt's. What's interesting is that they've folded green and red chilies into the mix in addition to a boatload of cilantro. Processed cheese aside, the flavors on this mac are bold and fun. If you're looking for something different this may be your thing. And you can even have it delivered with Budweiser and a pack or Reds.

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Scott Reitz
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