There are Beer and Whiskey Advent Calendars Now (Plus, DIY Ideas)

When you were a kid, were you able to ever make it through an advent calendar just one day at a time, or did you have tendencies to work ahead a bit? Don't feel bad if you did. It was just your ambitious overachiever qualities rising up.

Good news, advent calendars aren't just for kids anymore. There are few new options out there, like the whiskey advent calendar from The Master of Malt in England who sell fine single malt Scotch whiskies and specialize in tracking down rare malts around the world.

From the site:

"Behind each of the 24 doors is a different 3cl sample of delicious whisky! We'll keep the contents a surprise, but we can tell you that behind one of the doors is a sample of 50-year old Scotch whisky, the full-sized bottle of which is worth £350!"

The whisky calendar cost $240.


Masters of Malt also have a Ginvent Advent Calendar, inspired by The Gin Blog. Same idea, just with 24 bottles of 3cl samples of gin. It's a bit more affordable than the whiskey calendar at $128.

Back in October a Canadian company made some craft beer advent calendars, but those quickly sold out. However, you should use that as inspiration. Create your own craft beer advent calendar. I know - Best.Idea.Ever.

This could be as easy or difficult as you'd like to make it, all depends on your access to tools. If tools includes power drills, great! Or if it means a big black Sharpie and scissors, that'll work too. Below are a couple examples, including the picture up top.

This has Pintrest page written all over it, Beer Snobs. You could even use beer bottle caps as the reefs for all the little doors. Get busy and send me pictures of the finished product.

Or, really thinking outside the box (this might be my personal fave) from Rethink Crafts:

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