These are the Best Freaking Store Bought Cookies Ever

Tom Thumb has been touting a new line of cookies lately, displayed in evil temptation just before the produce section. For weeks now, the faddish bags have been on sale for just 250 pennies.

The deal with the cookies is they're wafer thin. Almost chip-like. They're small enough to pop a whole one in your mouth, at which point it quickly dissolves into a pool of brown sugar and butter in your mouth. Then, cookie receptors in your mouth start blitzing out and force your hand back into the bag, and your fingers tell to your brain, 'Hey, girl. These are thin. Go ahead and grab three at a time.'

These cookies must be eaten as soon as you pick up the bag. So, by the time you've got your apples and bananas in your cart, you've had at least seven. Great. Ruining dinner. In a moment of complete anarchy, your hand flips the bag over to read the nutrition facts. Your stomach screams "Noooo! Please, just let this happen! We never have any fun anymore."

Oh, but wait. There are five cookies in a serving and only 120 calories per serving. Then, it's confusing because you'll feel like you've done something bad, like sabotaged your good dietary intentions of the day, but no worries. You're still in the game.

HannahMax is the brand of cookies and Joanne Adirim is the founder, CEO and pastry chef who is actually committed to real "all natural" cooking.

The ingredients for the Original Cookie Chips are these eight things: - Cane brown sugar - Enriched unbleached flour - Unsalted butter (rBST-free) - Cane sugar - Cage free eggs - Vanilla extract - Baking soda - Salt

I've had the peanut butter and cinnamon sugar, but the original is my favorite so far. Chocolate chip is the next one I'll try.

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