Urban Acres' Meatloaf Burger Is the Best Meatloaf Sandwich in Dallas

Back in September, Urban Acres announced that it had hired David Rodriguez, the chef who'd jest left Oddfellows. In that short time, he's turned out a new menu of impressive sandwiches and breakfast items to show off some of the delicious ingredients for sale in the co-op. Till then, the space was primarily a spot to pick up your CSA share, and if you were inclined, grab a couple of pork chops cut from some properly raised pigs. But it's quickly becoming one of the best places in Oak Cliff to grab a quick lunch.

If you haven't delved into the sandwich board yet, start at the top with the meatloaf burger. Meatloaf sandwiches have never been on my priority list of things to consume because the pervious versions I've encountered were served cold, with mayonnaise. They've been satisfying in their own way, but have never been something I would seek out. The meatloaf burger, however, isn't your everyday meatloaf sandwich.

For starters, the Urban Acres version is made with 100-percent grass-fed beef. And while the lean nature of meat that isn't finished off on corn can contribute to a little dryness to the sandwich, it also ensures a lot of flavor. There's even more flavor in a chipotle aioli made with jalapeños that were grown in the garden before they were smoked and dried on site. The spread gives the sandwich some personality and heat.

Add a soft and supple bread from Empire and you've got a sandwich that will create a lasting memory. You might even be swayed to make meatloaf at home, strictly to reserve in the fridge for meatloaf sandwiches. You won't really, but you'll think about it. And then you'll drive back to Urban Acres for another.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.