Waffle House Now Taking Reservations for Candlelight Valentine's Dinner

Yes, select Waffle House locations will actually whip out nice white table cloths and candles for Valentine's Day this year, as it has done at some locations for several years now. All of which I think is absolutely awesome, for these reasons:

1) Those big white globe lampshades that can be seen five cars back at a red light on a rainy night are awesome. I want those all over my house.

2) For hobby-anthropologists, Waffle House offers a completely unpretentious and honest look at our landscape, like it or not. Sometimes we're messy, sometimes we're clean. Sometimes we eat pancakes, other times waffles.

3) And last, but certainly not least, if you take your sweetie to a Waffle House for a candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day and they see the humor in it and have a good time, then you've found yourself a winner. Consider it a test of character and know that when all else fails, a sense of humor endures.

Plus, sharing a plate of hash browns "smothered and covered" oozes romance.

According to the press release, this is the sixth year Waffle House has held a special Valentine's Day celebration. More than 145 locations nationwide will offer white tablecloth service along with a candlelight dinner. You can check WaffleHouse.com site for exact locations along with phone numbers to call for reservations, which are "going fast."

Also, even though it might be rude to pull out your phone out during a romantic dinner, WH asks you to consider sharing your experience:

"Waffle House Valentine's Day diners are encouraged to share their festive photos via Instagram @wh_1955 or on Twitter @WaffleHouse. When submitting make sure to include the hashtag #baconlove."

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