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Wild Salsa's Sopapillas: A Dessert That Leaves Your Belt In Place

I'm not the biggest dessert person. It's mostly the sweetness that gets to me, but also the portions at many restaurants, which are often over the top. Who needs a five-inch tall slice of chocolate cake after starters and mains? Dessert should be small and diminutive -- like a tiny package or gift presented at the end of the meal. Give me a small square of bitter dark chocolate and coffee or a tender cookie of shortbread and I'm done. Most restaurant's desserts are a kick in the gut.

Enter Wild Salsa's sopapillas, a dessert item from the restaurant I reviewed a few weeks ago. Each individual pastry is tiny, less than the diameter of a quarter, and the plate is perfectly portioned to split up and share with three or four friends. But the real kicker is the embellishments they funnel into tiny squeeze bottles and serve alongside the cinnamon- and sugar-dusted parcels. If your waiter forgets your tutorial, it goes like this: Pick up a sopapilla. Pierce it with the tip of a squeeze bottle. Inject the little guy with some intensely saccharine goo. Eat

There are three sauces to choose from: goats milk cajeta, jalapeno chocolate, and a canela-infused syrup, and they all play nicely together. Using all three at once might be a little noisy, but the canele syrup cajeta combo is a killer. Let the next guy wrestle with a slab of cheesecake. Have a couple of these guys and your sweet cravings dissipate without the belly ache.

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