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Lancaster Brothers Spread Their Wings to South Dallas

Romello (left) and Roland Truitt
Romello (left) and Roland Truitt Dalila Thomas
No one wing is created the same.

When brothers Romello and Roland Truitt came together to start their restaurant Wings World, they wanted to create a product that represented what they liked. As is turns out, a lot of other people liked it, too.

From opening the first Wings World back in 2012 in their hometown of Lancaster, to bringing the third location to Dallas’ Martin Luther King Boulevard, these brothers are hoping to be on a journey to success. And that journey ironically stemmed from their quest to find the perfect wing.

While Romello was pursuing his fashion career in Hollywood, and Roland — a rapper who goes by the stage name M.E (known for his hit song "Dance Like A Stripper") — was touring the world, they kept getting the same advice:

“‘Stay away from the girls because they’re trouble,’” Roland says. “‘And stay away from guys because you don’t know them like that.’ The people looking out for us would tell us what not to do, but they wouldn’t tell us what to do. So all we did was search for restaurants to eat at in each city.”

But when Romello and Roland would suggest these wing spots come to Dallas, they would all turn the other cheek. So they took matters into their own hands.

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The wings that this place is all about
Romello Truitt
“There was a restaurant space we would always eat at when we were kids, and it became available,” Romello says. “We came together and took advantage of the opportunity to give us something we’ve wanted.”

And thus, Wings World was born. First was in Lancaster in 2012, followed by Wheatland in 2017, and most recently Martin Luther King Boulevard in South Dallas.

Wings World has more than enough flavors to choose from — 33 to be exact — including classics such as lemon-pepper and Buffalo — to their popular flavors like honey gold and their signature Wings World seasoning.

The drummettes are a refreshing take in the age of plumped-up, oversized chicken. Be sure to ask for the seasoned fries and an order of wing rolls, which are Wings World’s take on egg rolls.

While a restaurant business venture can be a scary thing to jump into, these brothers hit the ground running. And they’re attributing that success to the knowledge gained from being in the fashion and music games.

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Roland Truitt
Romello Truitt
“They’re all one and the same, because business is run off formulas,” Roland says. “A squared plus B squared equals C squared. If you try to change the formula, it won’t work. All we’re doing is substituting products and procedures and putting them in place for different people.”

Now Romello and Roland are on the path to franchising, and they’re even helping other restaurants with their concepts.

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Wing rolls, wings and fried okra
Romello Truitt
“We’re not the typical restaurant owners,” Romello says. “If you look at us, you wouldn’t know what we do. It’s a new wave, everything is not old white men, shirt tucked in running restaurants. It’s different now. And it’s all about creating culture.”

Wings World is set to have its grand opening for the South Dallas location from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 21.

“We’re inviting everyone to come out,” Romello says. “We’ll have a lot of different wings for people to try, giveaways and raffles for free family meals.”

Wings World, 2310 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite 101. 972-913-4092.
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